Shaping the Sustainable
Future for Europe
We are committed to buidling a Europe-centric value chain.

Product Development

XCharge has proactively developed EU-tailored products that meet rigorous market demands, including achieving Eichrecht certification, a top industry standard.

In 2023, XCharge established a Joint Test Lab with SGS in Madrid, Spain, pivotal for testing various vehicles and ensuring product quality and performance.
Looking ahead, the launch of a new Test Lab and R&D center in Hamburg, Germany in 2024 will enhance XCharge's innovation by integrating local insights and client feedback, reinforcing its commitment to delivering top-tier products.

Supply Chain Management

XCharge's plan to set up production assembly facilities in Europe highlights its dedication to local operations and regional economic support.
Prioritizing European suppliers and incorporating greenhouse gas emission evaluation into supplier management aligns with EU regulations and promotes economic growth. This strategic approach not only sets industry standards but also emphasizes XCharge's commitment to a greener, more efficient future.

Corporate Governance

XCharge, founded by former Tesla employees, values diversity to strengthen its local presence and global influence. Emphasizing a multicultural environment, we foster knowledge exchange to accelerate growth across markets.
By expanding regional talents within Europe, we closely understand client demands for tailored solutions. In our commitment to corporate governance, we aim to increase Europe-based board members to incorporate local insights into decision-making processes.

Solutions & Services

Since 2017, XCharge has been a driving force for industry leaders across Europe, providing advanced solutions and unparalleled services. With teams strategically located in Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, XCharge ensures prompt and efficient support for their partners.
Over 2500 DC chargers have been deployed in Europe, demonstrating XCharge's commitment to revolutionizing the energy landscape. Through collaboration with local service providers, XCharge aims to further enhance its offerings, solidifying its position as an industry leader.