Empowering the
Energy Transition
By developing fast charging solutions and smart charging infrastructure, we are committed to helping businesses in EV charging reduce costs and streamline operations, ultimately driving the world's shift to a clean-energy future powered by low-carbon sources.
Who We Are
XCharge is a leading provider of high-power and battery-integrated charging solutions, founded by former Tesla employees. Since 2017, the company has provided cutting-edge charging solutions and reliable after-sales services to clients across Europe. Through continuous innovation, passion-driven growth, and a diverse team, XCharge is dedicated to paving the way to a Net Zero Future.
Our Values
  • Diversity.
    We believe in the power of unity in different cultures, as we represent a fusion of different backgrounds and ideas. Interconnected perspectives evolve into original ideas and new innovative solutions.
  • Innovation.
    We are pioneers of the change, through continuous innovation in research and development. We create energy solutions that meet today's challenges and anticipate tomorrow's developments.
  • Passion.
    We proactively provide the most efficient fast charging solutions to support our partners in meeting the new challenges of this transition.
Team Testimonial
  • I truly believe that XCharge's unique value
    lies in its exceptional team. The passion,
    diversity, and professionalism exhibited by every member drive us toward our shared
    goal: transitioning to a net zero emissions,
    clean-energy-powered world. Contributing
    individually in a small way, while being surrounded by friends, is invaluable.

    Javier Sanchez

    Sales Operations Manager

  • At XCharge, each day is “charged” with the
    excitement of pushing the boundaries of
    Innovation. There's an energy that comes
    from being part of a team dedicated to
    transforming the way the world moves.

    Michelle Hou

    Technical Support Engineer and
    Process Manager

  • Working at XCharge has been an
    electrifying experience! The innovative
    culture, dedication to progress, and
    collaborative team environment make each day a charged opportunity to shape the
    future of transportation. Joining this
    company has empowered me to contribute
    meaningfully to the evolution of EV

    James LeFebvre

    Business Development Associate

Our Strengths
  • Reliable
    With continuous R&D improvements, our products are designed for reliability, versatility, and serviceability. We prioritize maximum uptime to enhance charging efficiency.
  • Secure
    We fully comply with international standards for data security, user privacy and third-party considerations – all at the center of what we do, to ensure a secure and reliable future.
  • Responsive
    Dedicated to building trust and transparency with our customers, we place a key focus on being there for our customers providing clear resolution timelines and answers to questions in a timely manner.
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