Bus Depots

Easy-to-use smart charging solutions are suitable for bus depots and light commercial vehicles. Plus, XCHARGE software platform provides real-time monitoring functionality and smart power distribution system to ensure a smooth charging experience.

Charge with XCHARGERS

Two types of powerful DC chargers with the output power up to 120kW and 360kW respectively.

Easy handling and customized design

Successful Cases & Partnerships

Charging infrastructure for BVG Berlin

Under the leadership of a local network operator, XCHARGE supplied both DC charging stations and XCharge service platform, providing superior charging experience for e-bus depots.

By May 2019 the largest charging infrastructure for a public transport company in Germany with 30 traffic-yellow charging stations, each with an output of 120 kW, was ready to serve Berlins new e-bus fleet.



30 x 120 kW DC supercharger C6EU from XCHARGE

For Berlin first e-buses

< 12 months from tender to commission

> 10.000 charging cycles – combining overnight and daytime charging

In 2 hours up to 100% SOC

> 1.500.000 kWh with > 99% uptime of the charging infrastructure

Future proof your e-bus depots with XCHARGE

  • Fast Charging for Bus Depots

    E-buses are becoming the new standard for most cities, even for traveling across borders. Electrifying such fleet faces new challenges in planning, implementing and operating. With our reliable and scalable hardware, we ensure your bus fleet is charged and ready to go on schedule.

  • Smart Load Management for Your Journey

    E-bus fleet operators are confronted with limited space, constant charging support overnight and during daytime. XCHARGE’s robust hardware, intelligent software solution as well as our network of service partners provide the stability you need to start your electrified journey.

Charging station for parking lot operators and depots

  • Build to Last
    Optimized Efficiency


    A compact space-saving solution and design-awarded C6EU with up to 150 kW is one of the small-sized chargers in the industry and provides electricity for commercial parking lots in urban areas. With over 9000 installations worldwide, it is the best-seller in the XCHARGE-DC-portfolio.

  • Liquid Cooling System
    Advanced User Experience


    With its 360kW power, C9LQ provides simultaneous charging for up to 6 EV’s consumption and quickly increase SOC within a limited time. A perfect solution for long distance travels.