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AC Wallbox C2EU
AC Wallbox C2EU
As the winner of Reddot Award 2016: best of the best,
our C2EU station provides smart and economical charging
support most ideal for use at residential community and commercial real estate area.
All-cycle Optimization
Incorporated ARM core enables smooth user experience;
9.7-inch 1080P HD screen shows detailed operation and charging information;
OTA (over-the-air) updates allows remote software upgrades, auto diagnosis and ads display etc.
Android OS
All-charging-cycle optimization
Patented Charging Plug
Integrated electromagnetic lock device ensures an interference-free charging process;
Nightlight design allows users to operate in the dark.
北京智充 北京智充
Smart Parking Management
Auto parking management;
When initialized, C2EU station will analyze the surroundings and precisely detect traces of vehicles with its built-in radar.
detection, management, delay fee calculation
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*When the radar detects the vehicle is not charging, it will automatically notify the operator.
XCharge Cloud System
WiFi / Zigbee / Bluetooth / LAN / 3G* are enabled for flexible networking reaction and cloud service support.
Light application
free APP download to operate
get a QR Code charging account with one touch
High performance
improved efficiency by radar
Complete experience
fully control of charging process
Easy to use and share
Conveniently charge vehicles, make payments and perform other operations via scanning QR code;
Charging status management, queuing and reservation is also available.
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NFC Technology
NFC short-range connectivity technology allows functions such as offline product management, charging termination, and payment deduction;
A series of NFC application technologies, including NFC terminal, NFC ID cards and other new application models, allow flexible use and deployment possibilities.
NFC payment
NFC management
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Customizable Appearance
C2EU station adopts the IML technology which supports customization at requirement.
The standby screen and the before-and-after charging screen support customized advertising settings and configurations.
Trendy appearances
Customized interface
Ads display
Charging Efficiency
C2EU station is featured in 3 versions (21kW Smart & Speedy, 7kW Wisdom and 7kW Basic) for selection.
*The following charging efficiency is based on the 21kW version:
ModelBattery CapacityBuilt-in Charger Maximum PowerC2EU Usage
BMW I319 kW/h3.5 kW5.5 h
BAIC Group EU26041.4 kW/h7 kW6 h
Venucia E3024 kW/h6.6 kW3.5 h
Roewe E5022.4 kW/h2.8 kW8 h
Know Beans D215.12 kW/h2.8 kW6 h
BYD E543 kW/h42 kW2 h
Data has shown that the operation of C2EU charging stations brings substantial benefits compared to traditional parking lots operation.
Parking space + C2EU station
Parking space + traditional charging station
Parking space
* 1000 parking spots/year, millions RMB
General specifications
Product TypeC2EU StandardC2EU Advanced
Size290x290x60 mm290x290x60 mm
ConnectionType 2 plugType 2 plug
Length3-5 meters3-5 meters
Operation SystemAndroidAndroid
Operating Temperature-30 ℃-55 ℃-30 ℃-55 ℃
Protection LevelIP55IP55
Power Output3,7-7,4 kW11-21 kW
Screen Size9.7 Inches HD9.7 Inches HD
Communication ProtocolOCPP 1.6/XCHARGE ProtocolOCPP 1.6/XCHARGE Protocol
Charging NetworkYesYes
Operation SystemYesYes
Payment ModeNFC/RFID/QR CodeNFC/RFID/QR Code
Timing ServiceOnline SettingOnline Setting
Advertising/Brandingyes (jpg, png, mp4)yes (jpg, png, mp4)
MeasurementMetering ChipInside Ammeter
Lightning and Leakage ProtectionMetering ChipInside Ammeter
Safety ProtectionOver/Undervoltage Protection, Overload Protection, Short Circuit Protection,
Anti-access Protection, Earth Leakage Protection, Lightning Protection,
Waterproof, Overheat Protection, RCD Type A/DC Leakage Protection
StandardsIEC 61851-1-2011 / IEC 61851-22:2002 / IEC 62196-3-2014 /
ISO15118-2-2014 / DIN 70121
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