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AC Wallbox C1
AC Wallbox C1
C1 is a smart and economical AC charging station
designed for EV manufacturers and real estate developers.
Cutting-edge hardware technology
C1 station is designed to deliver reliable output power efficiently, our R&D and
supply chain capability guarantees world-class product quality.
Simple Design
C1 station has a simple outline,
and is built to hold all elements in one,
including the embedded cable hanger.
User group management
Hybrid usage
Price discrimination
Smart notification
Cloud-based service
Power distribution
Touchscreen Operation
Built-in LCD screen allows user to control or input through
simple touch gestures, simplifying human-machine interaction.
Indicator Lights
3 LED lights are utilized to visualize charging
progress, as well as indicate switches among
different modes (charging, swipe card, error, timed).
Ultra-long lifetime
Each station is produced to guarantee at least 10,000 recharging times, much higher than industry average level.
In addition to support various communication technology (Can, 485, 3G, Zigbee) and charging standards,
OTA upgrades also enable the delivery of latest improvements to make sure compatibility with any new model wouldn’t be an issue anymore.
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Type: AC Charging StationProduct: C1
Product Size: 220*400*126mmColor: white
Main Material: ABS+PCApplicable Sites: indoor / outdoor
Installation: hangingWorking Humidity: 5% ~ 95%
Protection Class: IP54Noise Level:≤65dB
Overheat Protection Value: 60℃Operating Temperature: -20℃ ~ 50℃
Input Voltage: 220V AC
Output Power: three-phase 42kw max; single-phase 7kw max
Extended Model: C1-S3.5 / C1-P3.5 / C1-S7 / C1-P7 / C1-P21 / C1-P42
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