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Our Vision
What is XCharge’s vision for our first phase of development?
Fulfil the increasing charging demand through the quick deployment of intelligent charging network, and become the leading solution provider in the EV charging industry.
What is XCharge’s vision for our second phase of development?
Better connect energy with people by tapping into the upstream and downstream industries, using charging station as a bridge
Common knowledge
Function-wise, is there a difference between built-in charger and DC charger?
What’s the main difference between single-phase and three-phase modes of power supply?
Three-phase mode has two more fire lines than single-phase one.
Will DC charging has damaging impact on battery lifetime?
It won’t. Battery lifetime is mainly determined by the function of the built-in battery management system, therefore has no direct relevance with charging modes.
Why is AC charging being referred to as “Slow Charging”?
Because alternating current has to be converted into direct current first before charging into battery, charging time depends on the charging power of the built-in charger, which tends to be smaller by design.
What’s the essential difference between AC charging and DC charging?
AC charging relies on built-in charger to covert alternating current into direct current and restore it in the battery, whereas DC charging uses the external charger to complete the conversion and charges the vehicle.
What’s the respective way of communication for AC and DC charging?
AC charging deploys CP voltage and PWM duty cycle to communicate with vehicles.
Product introduction and our advantages
What are the installation methods of XCharge AC charger?
Wall-mounted and floor-mounted
What is the maximum charging power of a single XCharge charging gun?
What is the maximum conversion efficiency of XCharge DC charger?
96.6%, pushing against the physical limits
How are the user experience?
Most simple and efficient: plug in to use, connect to the internet to operate
What is the biggest comparative advantage of XCharge solutions?
Our capability in distributed deployment can help customers to quickly operate charging service by providing one-stop service, including charger installation and operation system development.
What is the maximum charging power of C6s? (updated in 2017.06)
What is the maximum charging power of C6? (updated in 2017.06)
Is the charging status presentable via a long distance?
Charging status is indicated by 10 built-in LCD each representing 10% of completion
Can XCharge products support “two-way” output?
DC charger C6 supports two-way output
What is the “delay-fee” mechanism for?
Extra fee would be charged to the EV owner if the vehicle is not removed from the charging station quickly after charging finishes, the purpose is to improve usage rates.
What is the biggest comparative advantage of XCharge products?
Our R&D capability is leading in the industry, all of our products are independently designed and developed, unlike other assembled ones in the market.
Why is the inside structure of XCharge products so “simple”?
The inside structure is designed to be highly integrated to reduce the occurrence of malfunctions and extend product lifetime.
What are the models of XCharge DC Chargers?
What services can XCharge DC fast charging provide?
Lower overall costs, online management can reduce user maintain time Provide upgrade service, keeping the operation system up to date version Based on the analysis of the charging parameters, the vehicle battery potential faults and decay are identified
Big data and IoT solutions, help users understand power use and car conditions Digital marketing function, systematic push of screen advertisements to get a higher arrival rate
What are the leading advantages of XCharge AC charging products?
Richer functions
Lower costs
More intelligent
Higher charging compatibility
Better operation system
What are the leading advantages of XCharge DC charging products?
Support Android system to intelligentize charging
Support OTA upgrade, upgrade to make it compatible with more new models
Exquisite overall design with world’s highest power density ratio
U-type hanging design to prevent cable damage
Patented delay fee mechanism and electromagnetic lock to maximize EV charger’s usage
No.1s that XCharge has achieved?
World’s first intelligent charger with android system installed
World’s first charger to receive “Red Dot: Best of the Best” Prize
World’s first charging solution provider to utilize distributed deployment
China’s first company to invent delay fee mechanism and electromagnetic lock
China’s first charging solutions to receive CQC new national standard certificate
China’s first company to invent large-scale deployment of Zigbee networking solutions
China’s first DC charging device with highest power density ratio
Technical support and solutions improvement
Compared to the common RFID payment, what are the advantages of NFC that XCharge independently develop?
Higher degree of hierarchical security encryption
More friendly to users with support to online card reader
Different card types designed for specific scenario and user behavior accordingly
Manufacturers, operators and users are independently encrypted with different type of card assigned to respectively
Why the configuration of smart allocation among two charging guns necessary?
The current of each socket could be smartly adjusted to reach overall full power of charger, given the charging status of each vehicle
How does XCharge DC products detect flood?
Our built-in float sensor will cut off the power once water is detected
How to prevent the occupation by fossil-fuel vehicle in the parking space?
Our electromagnetic lock conducts auto parking space detection with intelligent control of movement, only open the space for EVs.
What is XCharge’s patented solution to improve heat control for DC charger?
Z-shaped duct design with centrifugal turbocharger
How long does the system take to operate once QR code is scanned?
0.3 seconds
What is the connection method used to provide low-cost deployment solution?
What are the ways of technology docking with XCharge?
Modify charger’s SDK files to directly connect to the user platform
XCharge cloud system allows docking with standard API interface to achieve remote
control of the charging station
What are the card issuing methods of XCharge NFC?
Via Android mobile phone with NFC function
Via online card making platform
Backstage operation
How can I update the communication protocol of DC charger?
Backstage operation system push upgrade program and upgrade completed over-the-air
How fast can the system get online once operation deployment is finished?
In 1 hour
Customer service
What is the promised delivery date when purchased product is out of stock?
Within 60 days
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