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Satellite HPC Charging Station C9
Satellite DC Supercharger C9
Satellite DC Supercharger C9 is designed to meet future charging demand. Stable and dynamic sharing and cost-effective operation equip C9 with core features of easy deployment and strong service-ability, and it is ideal for CBD and public parking area. With an output up to 480 kW per hour, C9 can allow vehicles to travel about 3,200 km, which is the approx. distance from North to South China.
Modern Design
One-piece alloy forging arc shell design enhances redundancy
Optional Parking Control Bar
Enable smart parking management
LED Indicator Lights
30 T-LED lights to indicate charging process
Dual Plug for CHAdeMO and CCS
Compatible with available EV models in the market
Super Power Charging
Maximum output power could reach 480 kW
37% higher than other advanced super charging station in the market
Smart Power Distribution
Dual plug design with 100% power output capability for each of them;
Matching suitable power for charging based on vehicle battery information and calculation;
Real-time efficient adjustments according to the number of vehicles, connect time, priority, battery status, charging demands and other information.
higher needs
lower needs
Cloud-based Operation System
IoT system enables OverTheAir upgrades and remote auto diagnosis (solves over 90% of function problems);
Support price discrimination, user group management and turnover management;
Online real-time optimization based on car battery data collection.
Conjoined Design
With its innovative conjoined design, C9 is ideal to be installed in central parking area
to meet multi-charging demand with space-saving deployment.
General specifications
Product TypeC9 SatelliteC9 Power Box
Size980x370x1800 mm720x720x1760 mm
Mass80 kg500 kg
Power AllocationIntelligentIntelligent
HMI Operation SystemAndroidAndroid
Operating Temperature-30 ℃-65 ℃-30 ℃-65 ℃
Protection LevelIP54IP54
Radiating TypeAdvanced Centrifugal VentilatorAdvanced Centrifugal Ventilator
Impact ResistanceIK10IK10
Input AC power connection- -3P + N + PE
Input Voltage Range- -400 VAC +/-10%(50 Hz/60 Hz)
Power Module- -15/20/30 kW
LED IndicatorPower and Charging StatusOperating Status
Network Carrier3G/4G/LAN/WiFi
Communication ProtocolOCPP 1.6/XCHARGE Protocol
Delay Fee SystemYes
Connection Configuration1 Power Box + up to 6 Satellite
Parking Zone Management SystemAutomatic Parking Locker (Optional)
Timing ServiceOnline Setting
MeasurementAC/DC Ammeter
Payment ModeNFC/RFID/APP QR Code/VIN Recognition
Safety ProtectionOver/Under-voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Short Circuit
Protection, Anti-access Safety Protection Protection, Current
Leakage Protection, Lightning Protection, Overheat Protection
StandardsIEC 61851-1-2011 / IEC 61851-23-2014 / IEC 61851-24-2014 /
IEC 62196-3-2014 / ISO15118-2-2014 / DIN 70121
Outlet specifications
Charging StandardCCSCHAdeMOliquid cooling
(in the near future)
Maximum Output
Power Range
180-480 kW50 kW500 kW (single plug)
Maximum Output Voltage1000 VDC500 VDC1000 VDC
Maximum Output Current200 ADC125 ADC500 ADC
Connection StandardIEC 61851-23CHAdeMO 1.0IEC 61851-23
Connector/Socket TypeCombo-2CHAdeMOCombo-2
Cable Assembly Length3.5/5/7 m3.5/5/7 m3.5/5/7 m
Compatible Car BrandsVariousVarious- -
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