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Payment and Settlement

Different warranty terms will be applied to different charging devices. For specific content, please refer to the detailed instructions in the product manual and manufacturer warranty.

Once a charging device (within the warranty period) is sent to repair, any time the device is under repair will be recaptured to extend your warranty.

For the repair of device (within the warranty period), please send the malfunctioned device and a detailed explanation to XCharge Maintenance Station in the event of failure. This will help XCharge Maintenance Station promptly confirm the warranty period and provide repair service. At the same time, you will need to pay for the one-way shipping of the charging device and assume any possible risks during the transportation. XCharge Maintenance Station will pay for the return cost once complete the repair process.

Please kindly note that this warranty is void in any of the following circumstances (for these types of problematic charging device, XCharge Maintenance Station will provide quotes and charge repair fees): 

4.1 This Warranty does not cover any defects or damages caused by:

  • a.Improper transportation and delivery
  • b.Failure to properly store the Product before installation
  • c.Improper installation or inadequate transport conditions, not following the XCHARGE Installation Manual
  • d .Use and application beyond the definition in user manual of the Product
  • e .Neglect, abuse, misuse, improper maintenance or lack of maintenance, as set forth in the XCHARGE User Manual
  • f .Repairing, adjustment or alteration, not authorized in writing by XCHARGE
  • g .Voltage surge coming from OEM cars DC side or from grid AC side
  • h .Acts of nature such as surge, fire, flood, plagues, earthquake, and lightning
  • i .Damage or accidents due to the third party actions or any other reasons different to the standard use conditions of the chargers and that are out of the control of XCHARGE
  • j .Non-compliance with applicable regulations and standards

4.2. This warranty does not cover fuses, surge suppressors, filters, or cosmetic damages.

4.3. This Warranty shall be void, if

  • a.Serial number of the Product has been altered, manipulated, or cannot be clearly identified
  • b.The End-user fails to make any Product subject of a claim available for inspection, testing and correction
  • c.Complaints concern aesthetics, unless they mean a malfunction or a difference in performance compared to the one announced on the technical and commercial brochures of XCHARGE

For any XCharge Charging Device purchased in other countries or from a non-XCharge authorized dealer, XCharge Maintenance Station will not provide warranty service and will decide whether to provide maintenance service according to the actual situation.

XCharge Maintenance Station will provide a 90-day repair warranty for the repaired charging device, but only for the problems solved. As stated in the manual, the same limited warranty will apply, counting from the date the device is sent out.

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