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Embracing the exciting EV era
Who we are
XCharge specializes in High Power Intelligent Charging solutions. Its founders were some of the earliest members of Tesla’s charging program.
From design to R&D, from manufacturing to sales, from solutions to maintenance, XCharge thrives to enable charging capacity to energy companies, fleet operators, and parking lot operators worldwide.
XCharge’s "Hardware + Software" system was evolved from the idea to help our client maximize charging revenue (turnover mechanism), while minimizing maintenance costs (OTA upgrades and diagnosis).Today, XCharge is proud to have provided solutions to some of the busiest charging stations in the world. Along the process, XCharge has been able to make continuous improvements in hardware durability, as well as software functionalities.Our goal is not to just sell chargers to our clients, but to provide a system which truly prepares our clients for the scaled usage in the exciting EV era.
R&D and manufacture of smart
EV charging equipment
Construction planning of EV
charging network
R&D and maintenance of EV energy
solutions and related services
Scientific research on new energy
supply and development of new technology
All of XCharge’s charging products are independently designed and manufactured in OEM standard plants with laser cutting machines, CNC bending machines and automated paint shops. Our production base has the product certification qualifications from 26 countries and regions, including China 3C, United States UL, Germany VDE, Canada CSA, Argentina ASA and the European Union CE.
Customer Support
In accordance with ISO 9001, XCharge developed a complete after-sales service system through 6 collaborated service providers, covering over 100 cities in China and EU countries. We provide toll-free 24/7 customer support to solve any pre or after sales problems.
XCharge has always been dedicated to serving the fast-growing EV industry. Guided by this vision, we actively build team cohesion and product competitiveness to provide the best energy solutions for the future development of EV.
XCharge received the joint strategic investment of Zhen Fund and Samsung. This is also the second new-energy-vehicle-related enterprise that Samsung Group made after invested in BYD Company. In November 2017, with the good development and broad market prospects, XCharge received a Series A investment led by GGV Capital and Zhen Fund.
Adhering to the mission of promoting the development of EVs and with extensive experience, our award-winning team is pushing forward the company work with higher standards and stricter requirements. We are devoted to offering the best products for the new energy industry and more consumers, with maximized charging revenue and minimized maintenance costs.
Ray Ding
Ray Ding
Founder and CEO XCharge
Graduated from Beijing Jiaotong University with a major in computer science & technology
As one of the pioneers in China’s EV charging and new energy industry chain development, Ray has gained profound industry knowledge through his former experience with Tesla (China), EVBeijing, Cnauto News and Google (China). With his excellence in both internet thinking and traditional automotive companies, Ray has made himself a rare talent in the EV charging industry.
Simon Hou
Simon Hou
Co-founder and COO XCharge
Graduated from University of Toronto
with a master degree in finance
Previously worked with Tesla (China) and Mercedes Benz (Beijing), Simon has in-depth experience in automobile and new energy industry, he also holds a very strategic approach to position XCharge among its peer competitors from China and abroad. Simon possesses a pioneering mindset reading into the future development of global new energy & transportation industries.
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